Friday, 10 May 2013

Durham Flower Show

Two of our annual Spring highlights involve plants within the University's extensive mature deciduous woodlands. If your routes around the Mountjoy site never take you up 'Cardiac Hill' now is a good time to make a point of walking the path at the eastern end of the Arthur Holmes building and enjoying the first of the floral spectacles - the carpet of wood anemones. They are at their best right now.

Wood Anemones in Little High Wood (Allan Watson)

It is worth a close look at the individual flowers. Although the overall impression is of white, they are actually subtly variable and may show pinkish, lilac or blue, and often have a darker tint to the back.

There are already hints to be seen, throughout Little and Great High Wood, of the second great floral highlight. The bluebells are coming on nicely.

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